Dispute Resolution

To encourage higher standards of construction and ethical behaviour, the Sports Contractors Association operates a dispute resolution service.

The aim of this service is to resolve disputes without the need for legal process.

Complaints must be in writing. The Association will then ask the member, who is the subject of the complaint, for comment.

If considered necessary, the chapter executive will appoint a minimum of one, but preferably two, suitably qualified members to inspect site in question and to report to the chapter executive. The members appointed to carry out the inspection should attempt to mediate a settlement on site.

In situations where a site visit is required, the complainant will be required to lodge a fee to cover the cost of the site inspection (normally $200.00 in capital city locations).

If the Association considers it appropriate, the member will be advised of any remedial works or other action which is considered necessary.

Members who refuse to carry out recommended remedial works or refuse to take any other action recommended by the Association, may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the rules of the Association.

The Association will not normally deal with matters that are the subject of litigation or other legal action at the time the complaint is made.