AFN Sports

Name AFN Sports Sdn Bhd
Contact Person Ralph Cappelle
Address Lot 10998, Jalan Sungai, Jati, Klang

City Selangor 41000 Malaysia
Type National Corporate Member
Phone +603 3372 2008
Fax +603 3382 1008


AFN is one of the biggest manufacturers of sports equipment in South East Asia and also the OEM to various companies in the Europe and Australian market, with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. The philosophy of AFN Sports is to produce high quality aluminium sports and athletic products and accessories for the global market. AFN Sports deliver, install and also organise the biggest events. We are certified by IAAF, German TUV & BWF. Today, AFN Sports has set is base in Malaysia to take advantage of the economic production costs and at the same time is in a better position to serve the emerging regional market in Asia and around the world.

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