Technical Specs

The Code of Practice - Private Tennis Court Development is an incorporated document in all planning schemes in Victoria. The Code sets out considerations, objectives and performance requirements to be applied to the construction, use and illumination of private tennis courts. The technical specifications for construction and lighting installations are not included in this Code. These are available in the 'Residential Tennis Court Lighting Code' and 'Guide Specifications for Tennis Court Construction' produced by the Tennis Court Builders Association of Australia.

Private Tennis Court Code of Practice - Foreword

The Code of Practice - Private Tennis Court Development has been formulated in response to the need for a consistent approach to planning controls over private tennis courts throughout the State.

The Code has been prepared by the Office of Planning, Heritage and Market Information in consultation with the Tennis Court Builders Association of Australia and after discussion with municipalities. It is an incorporated document by reference in all schemes.

Under the Code, a planning permit is not required to construct, illuminate or use a private tennis court if all the requirements of the Code are met. This provision will prevail over other requirements of the planning scheme except in cases where the land is subject to particular development controls, such as in areas of heritage and environmental significance.

Robert Maclellan
Minister for Planning and Local Government


The purpose of the Code is to provide a consistent, statewide basis for the design and assessment of private tennis court proposals.

The Code seeks to encourage better designed tennis courts which are compatible with nearby residential development.

It aims to:

  • encourage the sensitive location of private tennis courts;
  • encourage good-quality, cost-effective design;
  • make requirements for tennis courts more consistent;
  • respect adjoining amenity through appropriate design;
  • and maintain visual amenity standards

Elements of the Code

The Code sets out considerations, objectives and performance requirements for seven distinct elements which apply to a private tennis court.


The Code applies to private tennis courts in any zone, both urban and non-urban. It does not apply to commercial or club courts.

How The Code Works

The Code is structured to achieve consistency and sensitivity of design. The Code must read in conjunction with -Clause 52.21 of new format planning schemes prepared under the Planning and Environment (Planning Schemes) Act 1996, and Clause 3-14 in the State Section of the old format schemes.

When preparing a proposal, developers must address the considerations set out for each element of the Code.

Developers should also discuss their proposals with council officers to ensure that the performance requirements in the Code are complied with. If a planning permit is required, developers should demonstrate that the objectives for each element of the Code are met.

Developers are encouraged to discuss proposals which do not meet the basic performance requirements with neighbouring residents.


The following explanations provide a guide to terms which may not be readily clear to readers. They are not statutory definitions.

Private tennis court A purpose-built tennis court which is used for private leisure activities in association with an existing or proposed nearby residence.

Urban zone A planning scheme zone in which the predominant lot size is 4,000 square metres or less, and which is set aside for residential, commercial or industrial development.

Vegetation Native and planted vegetation which has grown to be at least 2 metres tall.

Lux (lumens per square metre) The metric calculation and measurement of illuminance in a horizontal plane 1 metre above ground level, and that applies for any spill light outside the applicant's property.