E1 Court location

orientation of the tennis court;

relationship to associated

E1.1 Considerations

The location of a tennis court should be based on an evaluation of the site conditions and its separation from adjoining residences.

Matters to be considered include:

  • dwellings;
  • impact on landslopes;
  • separation from dwellings on adjoining properties;
  • the character and landscaping of the site and its surrounds;
  • impact on the streetscape;
  • impact on existing vegetation;
  • and impact on neighbouring properties.

E1.2 Objectives

To achieve a layout which minimises the impact on the established land form and vegetation and which respects the amenity and character of the surrounding area.

E1.3 Performance requirements

E1.3.1: The court must be at least:

  • 3 metres from a street frontage;
  • 3 metres from an adjoining dwelling if the court is to be illuminated;
  • and 20 metres from a Melbourne Water declared main drain