E2 Fencing and Enclosures

E2.1 Considerations

The above-ground structures should be of high-quality appearance.

Matters to be considered include:

  • the height above ground of the structural elements such as fences and light poles;
  • the colour and appearance of the materials used;
  • the compatibility of the design with the existing development on the site; and
  • the aesthetic interrelationship with public areas such as adjoining streets or parks.

E2.2 Objectives

To ensure that the size, appearance and materials of the tennis court fencing and enclosures are not unduly visually intrusive.

To provide aesthetic compatibility with nearby streetscapes and public areas.

E2.3 Performance requirements

E2.3.1: if less than 1 metre from a property boundary, the court fencing or other enclosure:

  • must not be more than 3 metres above the court surface;
  • must be of a maintenance-free material and use non-intrusive colours; and
  • must not be solid or enclosed for a height of more than 2 metres above the court surface.