E3 Site works

E3. 1 Considerations

Site works should minimise disturbance to existing conditions and must provide acceptable standards of construction which will ensure that no off-site effects will occur.

Matters to be considered include:

  • the extent of excavation and filling;
  • the form of retention proposed for cut and fill batters;
  • the potential impact of the changes in levels on adjoining properties and structures; and
  • the concentration of surface and sub-surface drainage.

E3.2 Objectives

To ensure the stability of the tennis court site.

To contain off-site effects so as to cause no detriment to adjoining land or structures.

To limit the impact of increased stormwater run-off on drainage systems.

E3.3 Performance requirements

E3.3.1: The site on which the court is to be constructed must not have a slope of more than 20 per cent overall.

E3.3.2: Excavation or filling must not exceed 1 metre in depth within 1 metre of a property boundary.

E3.3.3: Filling must not exceed 2.5 metres in depth at any point on the court site.

E3.3.4: Drainage resulting from the court must be intercepted to avoid any overflow and must be connected to an approved point of discharge.