E4 Landscaping

E4.1 Considerations

The location, size and construction of a tennis court should have regard for the quality and amount of vegetation which may be affected. Consideration should also be given to the opportunities for replanting to offset any vegetation losses.

Matters to be considered include:

  • the significance of existing vegetation to the character and appearance of the area;
  • the significance of the existing vegetation as a wildlife habitat;
  • the plant species which are indigenous to the area;
  • the extent of revegetation proposed; and
  • the treatment of fill batters.

E4.2 Objectives

To minimise the removal of vegetation.

To ensure that revegetation is compatible with the landscape characteristics of the area.

E4.3 Performance requirements

E4.3.1: No vegetation may be removed:

in an urban zone, within 3 metres of a street frontage or adjoining public land; or

in a non-urban zone, if the site is less than 4,000 square metres.

E4.3.2: If a permit is required, replanting must occur in excess of the number of trees removed and should comprise indigenous or species similar to those removed.

E4.3.3: Temporary barriers must be provided to protect areas of vegetation which are outside the works site.

E4.3.4: Landscaping must be maintained over fill batters.