E7 Construction methods

E7.1 Considerations

The construction of a tennis court must be planned so as to minimise access damage and avoid excessive disruption to the surrounding area.

Matters to be considered include:

  • the means of access to the site;
  • the hours of construction work;
  • the construction method;
  • the removal or importation of materials;
  • the protection of sensitive features; and
  • methods of sediment pollution control during construction.

E7.2 Objectives

To ensure that the method and timing of construction prevent undue disturbance to the existing conditions of the site and the amenity of the surrounding area.

E7.3 Performance requirements

E7.3.1: Adjoining residential properties shall be notified before any works are undertaken within 2 metres of the boundary.

E7.3.2: Temporary barriers must be provided to protect areas of vegetation which are outside the works site.

E7.3.3: The method of construction must comply with the 'Guide Specifications for Tennis Court Construction' produced by the Tennis Court Builders Association of Australia.